Author: Adisha
•Friday, August 01, 2008
Just saw the " The Dark Knight " and found it in one word " Mind blowing ". Everything in this movie sets a new bar for action movies all around. Be it the stunts, the action, the dialogues, the acting or Joker's antics ( which is a class apart ! ). I above all, was intrigued by the moral dilemmas faced by each character and the choices they made. Choices that sometimes, left to time and chance turned into something totally different than expected.

The subtle theme of the movie, that questions the morality of man kind is really something worth pondering over. I have seen in people the changes time brings about in one and all. Changes that come from their personal experiences, making them slightly bitter, a little stronger and a lot more cynical. They conveniently forget that sometimes it is their own choices, that bring them to the juncture where they feel that they have been wronged and deserve better. When it's their own time, they lie, cheat, steal, or at the least just set their priority compasses facing their own personal desires. But when the time comes to reach the destination that course set for them, they balk, wondering where the other path might have taken them. Always wanting more and something else.

The world is full of grays at this point of time. People choose to believe whatever they feel is most rosy at a given point. As soon as the situation gets uncomfortable, they turn their heads in another direction. Never giving a thought to others' feelings is just a way to get ahead in the rat race. Putting yourself in another's shoes has just become a phrase long forgotten. More likely, one tries to pull the rug from under those very shoes in any way. Proving yourself superior, undermining another, getting whatever our little heart's desires at whatever the cost. These are the mantras of today. Thus we find, people turning their heads away from catastrophes and helping out another in their time of need. Pushing someone when they are down, is an even better option in comparison.

Yet, we have people talking about truth and justice and the difference between right and wrong. Moral science is left behind in the class rooms where our innocence got left behind. How will we teach the children of tomorrow what is right and wrong when we, ourselves doubt our every choice at every step ? Why is it that morality and goodness come into play only when it is convenient for us ? Why is it that as soon as the plans we've dreamt up for ourselves start turning sour, we prefer turning bitter than learning from it ? Why can't we all just have faith in the goodness of others ? Why is the age of innocence diminishing every year ? And when it boils down to it, can we be trusted to do the right thing ?

This movie dealt with some serious issues through the words of a psychotic madman who enjoys inflicting pain in others to see how much they can take before they turn evil. Truly metaphorical. Have you ever wondered about how much you could take ? Or what changes you have undergone through time ? In spite of all the cynicism and hatred in the world, I would like to believe that there is always love to bring out the truth and goodness out of all the muddy grays there are in our every day lives and in us. Just loved the Joker and his twisted view that makes one think twice and was grateful for hopeful faith that Batman had in mankind. Truly touching.
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On October 10, 2008 at 3:17 AM , dreamy said...

i have seen the movie a couple of times..but honestly did not think about all the things u have mentioned..this was a real thought provoker

On October 11, 2008 at 2:15 PM , Adisha said...

Watch the movie now, with all what I've written in mind... Maybe I see things in movies, coz in any movie, I LOOK for words that have a higher meaning ... :) A moral , a theme ...