Author: Adisha
•Monday, August 09, 2010
This is what someone said to me recently - " on our deathbeds will we really know what we were born to do...nice one...hope none of us regret knowing the truth then ... "

I wonder. Why is it that people have a " don't think about it, don't talk about it " attitude towards REGRET. Regrets are a part of life.  I have so many of them, where I wish I hadn't done this or said that. Regrets are what teach you what NOT to do later in life. What's important is to know that no matter what happened , you tried your best. You took the most honest path along the way of life and if you didn't, knowing that then it's important to realize that and try to make amends as best as you can.

Yeah, don't obsess over them but yeah, personally I think one should always take time out and atleast try to figure our where one had gone wrong when life takes a turn for the worst or unexpected!!! Don't push all your mistakes under the rug, blaming them on timing, others or whatever else diversions you can think of. Take responsibility for your actions and what You, yourself could have done differently.

And if by my deathbed, I do have regrets I haven't been able to realize or amend ... well, hopefully I live a life such that the Almighty will understand that I would have if I had more time ...
Author: Adisha
•Sunday, August 01, 2010
With all the ups and downs that I've been experiencing healthwise lately, I've had a revelation of sorts. Yes, another one ! Life is full of them :-)

Some days have been thinking that I'm the ugliest person on earth. I look in the mirror and all I see is the tired, sad looking person who just puked her guts out and wishes could just sleep these remaining months off.

Inspite of my hubby's constant reminders of me being good enough and that I just need to get out and do some shopping, I don't bother with what I'm wearing or how I'm looking for I couldn't possibly work on this disaster with any success

And then few and far between are those days when I look in the mirror and feel like, " Hey, that face ain't all that bad ! ' I can see hope there. I feel like dressing up and then I do. I blow dry my hair into shape, wear something pretty, put on my kajal, some perfume and some lipstick, if not vaseline. I put on some trinklets and my fancy shoes and can feel myself transforming into someone who " feels " beautiful and find myself smiling at my own work of art in the mirror.
I can't describe the relief and joy I felt when I bought the maternity pants and started going out shopping for ' myself ' after months of wallowing in a bad mood. The right shoes, the right clothes, the right perfume all help in making me a better me, not only from the outside but from the inside as well.

What I guess I realized is, along with that smile, it always helps to have the right accessories to help you imagine a better you in every sense of the word from attitude to materialistic objects !!