Author: Adisha
•Wednesday, October 27, 2010
I often wonder why change is so scary ?! As the time of the 2nd biggest change of my life approaches, fear grips my heart. Almost as much if not more, the excitement of holding my own flesh n blood in my arms.

We tend to get so mellow in our comfort zones n routines that any threat to the same is seen as a potential disaster waiting to happen.

I for one dread the loss of the balance that my hubby n I have developed over the years. Even though Im well aware that the balance had taken on the shape of monotony, I wonder how erratic the new sounds n routines will be.

I know this fear is baseless n a lil selfish too. I know I WANT this change with my whole being, yet each day that brings me closer to the new person in me feels a lil sad for the person I'll be leaving behind..