Author: Adisha
•Monday, November 10, 2008
I thought to put in a few more words elaborating my thoughts about second chances ...

Giving second chances itself is very tricky for most of us confuse second chances and end up getting taken for granted, which is dangerous. Second chances should be given Only when you are convinced things will be different the second time round. Or if there were some deep misunderstandings, third party meddling or equal fault lies with both parties in the first place. Sometimes you just need to look beyond the haze of errors to see the goodness of a person's heart and recognize what you feel for them. Slowly, a step at a time, think about what you are willing to risk by losing or taking the next step.

Other than that, a lot of times people run out of all the chances, big or small that they are given and at some point you just HAVE to put your foot down. Either make your feelings known or back away. Even after knowing your feelings if they continue in the same tone of actions then it's better to let go. For some one who lets you down in every way, should Never be be allowed to demean your self respect ever again. If someone does not respect Your feelings then they do Not deserve to have them in the first place. Indifference and negligence merit nothing but the same.
For like I said before, human nature doesn't usually change. You need to be sure about what happened in the previous incident. In the end it's the Intention that counts. If someone hurts you intentionally, they might just do it again. A person's reasons for hurting you define what they are made of.

At this point, I want to bring up something that often bothers me about human nature. When we see someone behaving wrongly, why is it that we stand by saying nothing, thinking it's not my place for they are " GOOD " to me Now. How does one forget the Now part? As far as my observation goes, a person who treats someone else badly will surely do the same to you at one point or another. Then why is it that later we wonder, why did they act like that with me ?! Most people just aren't aware of the wrongs they do per day, which is why we all need a human compass in our life to let us know the right direction. Then there are those who just don't care, rising above the situation but how can anyone stand by seeing people make wrong choices. If only people chose to do the right thing, and stood by whatever we believed in the world would be a better place. This holds true for more than one situation.

As for second chances, important as it is to make an informed decision it's up to each person and situation. In any case, a stand should be taken depending on what you believe in. One never knows what tomorrow holds. That is Why, it's called a CHANCE.
Author: Adisha
•Friday, November 07, 2008
It's a special day for a close friend of mine. She has many reasons to celebrate this day. And I wish her nothing but the Best in life. Many joys, tears of happiness, silver linings to every cloud and moments that turn into cherished memories...

But it wasn't always like this. We met, grew really close and due to unforeseen and unimaginable circumstances turned into adversaries. And after a long absence, thanks to her many overtures and going deep into the causes and faults of the said rift, we came close once again like a life boat to a lighthouse. Today, though we have lands and oceans between us, we laugh, cry, talk and reminisce about what was and what will be.

Today, as I heard her laugh at my gentle teasing, I wondered about the volatility of human relations. Best friends turn into enemies and adversaries into confidantes. Friends turn into lovers. Lovers into strangers. Strangers into a couple. And a once happily married couple become divorcees. People you like become those whom you cannot stand the sight of. Acquaintances become best of friends, standing by your through thick or thin. Sometimes, bridges get burnt permanently. Other times, we look across at the other side and work towards coming to the middle, together building all that's lost. Of course, all this is not at the drop of a hat. There's a lot happening behind these intricate webs of feelings. A silly misunderstanding, a growing sense dislike, lost self respect, a third party manipulation, memories of good times, expectations, passion, compatibility or lack there of, and then there is the desire to regain what was lost or lose what is pulling you down. Could be just nothing or everything.

But there is something to this whole thing about giving second chances. To a loved one, a friend, family, yourself even. Sure, human nature doesn't essentially change, but over time we can always realize the importance of what was lost and it's never too late to try to make something of it. Every relation and it's absence has a reason, season or rhyme,and it's extent in one's life is Only for the two involved to decide ...

Kudos to those few who get a second chance and make the most of it. For the rest cherish what you have ; or decide where you stand. Cheers to You, My Sweet Friend for bringing yourself back into my LiFe!!!
Author: Adisha
•Sunday, November 02, 2008
I brought this up with a few friends the other day and thought it worth bringing up here in bloggerville. In the US, I've seen in movies and on news that once children or anyone goes missing, it's assumed that the child / person may be found fastest among the first 24 hours and then the chances keep getting slimmer. Which actually makes sense if you think of it logically.

On the other than in India, one may not file a missing report till a being is missing for 72 hours. I wonder what logic that comes from. Is it from assuming that a person has run away from home or is just lost close to home. But isn't it better that one starts searching for a kid lost or kidnapped as soon as it's established that they are not at home ? Or maybe I've just got things wrong. In today's violent times it's better to be more cautious and put in extra efforts at the onset only. And taken precautions is always better in order to prevent any wrong doings. If someone can clarify for me the policy on filing missing person's complaints.

My brother was lost once when he was really young. The usual kid losing his way looking at something else and a misunderstanding among adults of who the kid is with. This is more often than not the case. Albeit for a few hours, but I still shudder at the memory of thinking that I'd lost him forever and am repulsed at the thought of what might have happened. I'm till date thankful for him listening to my kiddie advice of staying where I left him last, wondering at the miracle that brought him back to us. I just pray that many more such miracles bring people back home safe and sound ... God speed !