Author: Adisha
•Monday, September 21, 2009
Hmmm. Yup! I've been gone a long time but now I'm back ... I think ! Sorry for being away from Bloggerville for so long. I was just out of sorts in ways. Was I missed ? :D

Well, it's my birthday today. Yup folks ! It was 3 decades ago ( almost ;) ) that I stumbled into this world crying and screaming. :) Yeah yeah, not much has changed you'll say :p Have made a few friends ( I believe ) around here so would love to share the gist of my celebrations with you. Joy shared is after all joy doubled ! And God knows I have halved many a sorrows out here so why not !!

Thursday I was shocked to receive an IPOD TOUCH by Fed Ex, thanks to my generous husband. If that were not enough, on Friday a friend drove all the way from Jersey to Virginia to celebrate with us over the weekend. Another couple joined us and we had an over night party which spilled onto Saturday with a trip to VA Beach with sea food, walks along the beach side and cycling. Sunday was reserved for Brunch and kayaking ( which I tried for the first time and LOVED ) which culminated with loving calls wishing me at 12 sharp from the family. The D day that is today saw me decked up, doing somet light shopping/lunch with a friend and her cutie boy which was followed by some alone time at home with more calls wishing me and a long chat with Mommy dearest. Evening was spent having a cozy, lazy 2 hour dinner with hubby which included lots of laughs and experimenting ...

I owe Most of my happiness to my hubby sweetest but what I'm feeling right now is an exhilaration at being loved - by all those whose lives have touched mine. I am truly Blessed !!

I'd like to thank all those Here too who touch my life in more ways than one with their words and even those who follow me silently for their support is truly inspiring !!

A special shout out to those with whom I've truly connected in the Real sense - Dreamy, Tasneem, Shruti, Archana, Stillness, Hemanth, Nups, Kunjal, Ankit, Baljinder, Yojita, Aparna, Ani, Keshi, Sagar, Arun, Kokonad, , Satan's Darling, Asha, Appy, Priyanka, Anks, Christopher ... and the Blogerrati Community on Orkut !!! If I've missed out any names, I sincerely apologize in advance but you see Old age has it's side effects ;) :))