Author: Adisha
•Monday, January 18, 2010
Back from my trip. Finally all done settling in and pretty much back to schedule.

My India trip. Wow !! Can't really believe I did all that I actually did. Any vacation, though can't really call this trip a vacation, becomes a dream the moment you leave your vacation spot. Makes me wonder if it was worth it all. A hectic schedule, exhausted bodies, make it seem like all you go to do is book a spot in the pictures. Well, now I'm being harsh right ?! It's loads of fun too, doing something different from your usual life.

Where had I gone and what did I do? Well, mainly it was for my bro in law's wedding. So the first month went in shopping ( had to travel an extra 4 hours to Ahmedabad each time ) and then go to receive the remaining family members ( again in Ahmedabad) . Then again went out of town for the actual wedding and came back home for the reception, after which we went on a tour of hubby's relatives to 2 cities and 1 village ( Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Ropanchapra) in 6 days both of which were a good 1 day travel both ways. After which we went to visit my aunt in Goa and then went back home for 4 days. After that we went to my cousin's wedding in Jodhpur, travelled 18 hours back to home town and left back to the states the next day.

Oh! Internim, I attended 4 receptions, a New year eve's function, was down with stomach infection ( the whole time) and fell 3 times.

Sounds crazy right? I personally feel like I've achieved something, like running a marathon.

The best part of the trip was we didn't miss out on anything that we had planned, nothing got stolen, no one got seriously sick/hurt and things went off smoothly. And that my friends' is a lot to be thankful for.

We had a wonderful time, made a ton of fond memories, celebrated new years' with our family, took almost 2000+ pics and danced our hearts out. Not to mention enjoyed some of each city's delicacies ( yeah ! even on my upset tummy :p )

Well, that's all for now. Just wrote pretty much whatever came to my mind about my trip. Maybe a more personal point of view later ...
Author: Adisha
•Friday, January 08, 2010
Have been tagged and awarded by Shruti. Have to list 7 things about myself that no one knows. I might just mention a few facts that my blogger friends may find interesting.

* I had taken an intentional break from blogging and am now will slowly and surely pick up the pace as time goes by.

* I spent the last two months that is Nov and Dec in India and two months before that playing farmville and cafeville on Facebook.

* I visited 9 cities during my vacation and attended two weddings. ( more about that in the coming blogs. )

* I would rather be happy than wealthy.

* My ideal vacation would be to laze around on a beach.

* I love roaming around cities but Hate travelling.

* I find it hard to trust anyone, anytime, anywhere yet find myself believing that has to some good in all, well Most.

Tagging - Mukesh, Baljinder, Nikita, Archana, Nupur, Baljinder, Arun

About my break - Sometimes, I find taking time away from some thing that's as addictive as blogging, it gives you time to re boot your system and wipe the slate clean. If nothing else, the experiences mean while give you a lot of write about ... :D