Author: Adisha
•Wednesday, February 23, 2011
I'm a mommy now and boy is it exhausting !! The sleepless nights, the frequent feedings, the incessant crying, the random walks holding the baby causing my arms to ache. The pleasures though are innumerable. Each smile the baby gives me when he looks at me early morning or after feedings or when I enter the room - Precious !!I'd to anything for that smile.

Yet when my mom comes into town to help, I turn into a pampered child. Knowing fully, all my mom wants to do is make life easier for me. To let me sleep as much as possible, feed me all that I love to hog on, make sure my aches and pains are to a minimum. When I cry, she cries. When I laugh looking at my kid, she smiles with pride.

It's a circle of love. I see it in everyone around me. The minute the question of mothers come, there's a collective sigh and a sense of being able to be yourself and do Anything that is truly free in any sense. You know you won't be judged for any action and this is one person who would do anything for your comfort when you are in pain, of any kind.

Today, I know that I would do anything and I mean anything for the smile on my baby's face.

This is the mommy syndrome I guess. When anyone's mommy is close the person is bound to turn into a baby all over again. :-)