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•Wednesday, December 31, 2008
I don't get it. Before the movie, I was all hyped, after the movie, I was all hyper with agitation!! I know. I know. There will be those out there who think I'm an idiot for saying it but the truth is my negative reaction is in direct proportion to the expectations I had of it. I went online and all I read was Ghajini Rocks etc. But what about the movie rocks is my question? It reminds me of Raja Hindustani. No one liked it but everyone loved it. I just don't get it. Is it only Aamir that makes a movie work ? For one review was somewhat truthful in the fact that it said Ghajini is different in the sense that it celebrates it's dumbness. So, basically if you have Aamir, the aam janta will digest anything. That's so disturbing. What about story ? Characters? Theme ? Moral ? Editing ? etc etc ...

I for one, am someone who loves a movie to have a sensible story, a moral, any moral. Sure a movie is to get away from reality but then too, it should have part of it's feet in the present, on ground steering us towards a destination or driving by a scenery that leaves us awestruck or thoughtful. I don't usually write about movies I don't like but this is one movie that amazed me with the number of holes it has and yet is breaking every box office record!

The whole ride home I was ranting to my hubby about what all I couldn't digest about the movie. And he, a person of few words was so awestruck by the story's stupidity that this blog is about His thoughts on the same.

Ghajini - Defects in characterization/storyline ( if there was any )

Sanjay Singhania

Follows his Dad's ideals of doing business with emotion without being emotional.

Falls in love with a girl who is falsifying relationship with him and telling to friends, public and media, which might also affect his company's image after the underwear ad.

Then spends the rest of the movie hunting down people like animals only on emotion without using any of vast resources available to him as a CEO. So much about not being emotional :)

I agree anything for love, but never revealing his real identity because "he" thinks it is a good idea to keep it that way. It is same as saying that when he needs love he has the girl, but when the girl needs recognition of Sanjay Singhania, she has to live a lie to keep attaining all she needs. Not letting know her identity even after the girl falls for him sounds quite selfish to me.

He has the time and resources to gift an apartment in a secret way, but no time to think and arrange a way to tell the truth to his 'love'.

'Rab ne bana di jodi' was about loving the real guy, this movie's love department was about loving the false guy, till death. Sure it's almost poetic in it's irony but hey ! I think there's something to be said about being in love with someone who doesn't exist even. I wouldn't call it true love if I didn't know who I was in love with. I would even be royally upset, if I just gave away the One thing that wasspecial to me to arrange for money for a sick mother who also, doesn't exist.

He shares his 'secret' love life with his subordinates, uses company car for personal New Year Eve party with some small advertising company with no business interests, but doesn't use his CEO power to trace Ghajini's location using the mobile number and plan a good kill. Pretty dumb for a guy who is smart enough to equip himself with a camera and keeps notes of things to do after his memory loss.

After knowing that Kalpana is in danger calling cops would be nice especially if you have 1 minute to spare in the elevator. If you don't trust the cops, call your friends!!! What was he thinking? "I am going to beat all those goons and save Kalpana by flashing my American express ???!!!"

Kalpana Shetty

She is all social and bubbly, but she never tries to visit the Sanjay's house???? Know things about the Sanjay's family?? I think girls know these things naturally in the first few dates, let alone committing to marry the guy.

The guy she's with has a heart of gold, donating Rs 5 Lakh to a charity he doesn't know. Leaving a check of Rs 5 Lakh with people he doesn't know would certainly raise questions on his character, an underwear model with so much money, especially in India.

After Ghajini confesses to her about killing off girls, she goes home to her apartment. Who does that ? Call the cops ? Call your boy friend. Tell Someone, anyone. But hey, what can the poor girl do? She never knew her bf was a hot shot with money or she might have had some security.

Brave and clever Police Officer

He is shown as a clever cop who catches the criminal within 48 hours, but doesn't remember to call for backup or share his findings with his department???

While fighting with Sanjay he never ones shouts out that he's a police officer. He doesn't even want to tell Sanjay that he is a good cop and will be on his side in investigating the murder. Even when he gets caught with the girl the second time, that time too he chooses to leave the girl behind; with a murderer I might add and make a run for it. Wow!! No wonder people are scared to approach the police

Medical Student

She is all curious and methodical when she wants to know Sanjay's medical case, becomes his friend, and even steals and reads his personal diary. Only she knows how Sanjay remembers things using camera, photo, 15 min alarm. But when she drops Sanjay to Ghajini's place, she leaves him without those things.

Police Department

They remove Sanjay's clothes, but have no clue of what is written on his body "Kalpana was killed", "Kill Ghajini", phone numbers, does it ring a bell??? NO?? Ok, how about the pictures in his pockets, pictures of dead people with 'Done' in the bottom??? No??? Oh come on, at least he is not a normal guy with tattoos .. And the words 'murder' and 'kill' are on the body.... No one bothers to question the employees of what happened to this guy ??? I'd think it would be my first reaction to ask someone about what the tattoo on their body stands for.

15 min Plot

Ok, everyone knows 15 min is Not 15 min in movies, but the random time line is Never adhered to. This all after the fact that going from one place in to another place in Mumbai takes more than 15 minutes. Going from home to girls hostel, hospital to Ghajini's place. There is very little reference to the 15 min memory loss except in the last scene where he forgets who he was after.

All in all a colossal disappointment !! What upsets me is what they expect the audience to accept without question. The characters are finicky, the plot line shaky and common sense has not even a back seat.

I like Aamir Khan's movies for being quite appealing to the intellect. Characters who may not be completely real in his movies, but they were smart and were convincing. Main lead used to be the smartest one. Remember Dil, Taare Zameen Par, Sarfarosh, Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, etc. Sure there are bits and pieces of the movie that are commendable but a few well acted / shot scenes do not a film make. This movie doesn't have Aamir Khan signature on it !!
Author: Adisha
•Wednesday, December 31, 2008
So, this is my last post for this year and what a year it's been. What better way to conclude than to summarize the past year. Most of my thoughts can be found penned here in bloggerville, but here's to what else made 2008 specially memorable.

Lessons Learned.

It's hard for elders to enjoy any place if it's out of their comfort zone, literally and metaphorically.

Enjoyment exists only among like minded people.

People find it hard to change, even if it means upsetting those close to you. It's easier for all around just to accept it.

Sometimes it's better to have out everything out in the open so that you can deal with it.

To forget something you need to concentrate on Now.

Expectations creep in even when you Think there's nothing to expect.

Some people are just too full of themselves to see what's happening around them.

If something pisses you off, it's better to let it subtly known rather than fret and fume about it later.

There are things about yourself that others misunderstand coz they are totally unique to you.

People you love have to put up with you, yet love everything about you.

When words hurt, you can't take them back but you Can be sorry and explain what you actually feel.

You hurt for those you love and there's nothing you can do to help them.

Good friends always ROCK !!! No matter the time, distance or even space ;)

When you're at home you miss your family and friends and when you're going to be with them all, you already miss your love before you've even left.

If you let it, time can change everything or nothing ...

Cherished Celebrations.

Joined Bloggerville and finally started putting down my thoughts in one place.

Valentines was a surprise in the Sahara.

Had a good holi with lipstick and green colors.

Got a digi cam for my anniversary.

Roamed and enjoyed Memphis totally.

Bear Mountain had a breathtaking view.

Had great fun showing parents the world around us.

Enjoyed a wonderful evening with DJ spinbad. First pub outing.

Birthday 08 was awesome peppered with surprises. Shopping, eating out, Cake, cards and a LOVELY lunch at Bateaux.

Enjoyed cooking new recipes of chicken, fish, Mediterranean, mexican, cakes, and traditional foodies all at home.

Had a traditional karvachauth.

Diwali totally Rocked this year, with friends, parties and games.

Jersey city will always be fun.

And all those special moments spent with my sweet hubby who's surprisingly always full of surprises !!!

Movies that Rocked my Mind.

Dark Knight
Wall E
Pursuit of Happyness
August Rush
Get Smart
Rab ne Bana di Jodi
Jodha Akbar
Bachna ae Haseeno
Rock On
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•Saturday, December 20, 2008
The man does incredible movies. No movie of his goes without appreciation for his acting skills. Sure I am Legend and Hancock could have had anticlimactic endings, but hey ! Writing is not his forte, yet ! ;)Sure, he's incredible good looking but I for one, am a fan of the person. Every interview of his, every word that passes his lips is bursting with enthusiasm for life. Whenever I see him talking in interviews, I feel Every sentence he says should be punctuated by exclamation points!!! He's one for positive thinking, humor and the living life to the fullest. I admit I strive to have that attitude towards life some day. He stands for home schooling, learning constantly, exercising regularly. His motto, Read and Run Each Day. For a person who never graduated college and gained popularity at an early age, he comes across as an intelligent and genuine person , leaving his mark on this world in a special way.

When I read his interview the first time in reader's digest I was shocked and in total awed by his comments on education and totally fell in with his style of thinking which for me was a unique take. He's not just literate, he's Educated. Kids today Need to learn about Life, rather than stuff that they'll never need. They need to learn about their country, and heritage, besides and whatever else they need to make it in the life that they choose. Reading, writing and arithmetic are basics but other than that, what one needs to learn is what helps them in the talents they possess. Schools have too much peer pressure and thinking.

If some day I could sit with him or ask him what his mantra is in bringing up children. It's amazing his son of 16 years was sensitive enough to donate all his gifts to a children hospital after he was affected by his grandma's demise. He has a children council at home, which is always in effect. Like when his kid asked for a 100 dollar allowance, he told all the kids to gather in a room and once inside, they had an Actual 45 min discussion and came out with the number of 40$, having come to the conclusion their brother didn't need a 100 dollars a week with his current life style. It's amazing that he even came up with this thinking. Sure, there might be others out there with the same techniques but having heard something like that for the first time, I am totally in admiration of this person who just shines on screen in Every way , a person, actor, husband and parent.
Author: Adisha
•Friday, December 19, 2008
As I said before, I'm coming forward with a kind of synopsis of the Book " I Didn't Mean That " in my own words. The book's heading reads " How to Avoid Misunderstandings & Hurt Feelings in Everyday Life." And that's what it's all about. Those few moments which leave you with misguided consequences. This book with quite a number of examples in the form of stories from lives of people just like us is a wonderful light house for those of us bumbling to figure out what went wrong or how best to avoid unpleasant situations. :D

A few pointers from the book to give an idea of what it's about. I've found the book a keeper and am certainly going to keep dipping into it's pool at times of distress. Here's hoping that others find it just as beneficial.

Questions to ask yourself during any given situation -

Who am I speaking to ?
What am I not seeing ?
Where will my words lead me ?
How will the other person react to my words ?
Why must I say it at all ?
When do I say it ?


Be extra careful when emotions like blame, mistakes, contempt and disappointment run high. Those affected are usually those closest to you. At this point think of WHO it is you're talking to. Imagine all the good in that person and all that you have shared. Calming down before you bring forth any words that come forth due to rampant feelings.


You don't always have to say it as you see it. Honesty, casual chats, curiosity, breaches of confidence are never excuses to say whatever you want to. What you may Not be seeing in the far future comes to use in those times when you have to look a little into what maybe playing in the back ground. A little tact, self discipline, and forethought would surely take you a long way.


Judging, badgering, seeking attention, venting are situations when you're own words would come back to haunt you making you regret all you've said. Where your words might lead you should be given some serious thought.


Words can make or break a person or relation. You should think about How best to make your words count when giving advice, taking sides, accepting gifts, and coming to a compromise. Developing an awareness of the other person's feelings will help you realize what how to make amends or help during conflicts. Trying to put yourself in another's shoes will assist you in seeing where another is coming from.


Difficult people tend to make you say things you normally wouldn't. Remember - you have control only on yourself. When you speak ethically, it may create a ripple effect and lead to thoughtfulness on others' part too. Those who are rude, grumpy, criticize or brag may get under your skin but giving them back in kind is not always the answer. Though tempting, the only result guaranteed are frayed nerves. If you feel your words won't help then the best options are to say as little or nothing, without appearing rude. It avoids any unnecessary negativity and puts you in a position of strength.


People need kind words letting them know they are appreciated in any big or small way. Compliments, encouragement, empathy, consolation go a long way in letting another know you care. The time for such words in always now, here.

In conclusion -

Know your audience.
Understand and be clear about what you are saying.
Use appropriate language.
Only say what needs to be said.
Speak at appropriate time and place.
Know yourself and the person/ people listening to you.


Sure, all the above are ideal case scenarios and it's always easier said than done. But if keeping in mind a few things helps us go a long way in making our lives better then why not ?! After all life Is about trying till we succeed. We all have people in our lives who misunderstand us or wish we could get along better with. Why not try and make things better for all those around ?
Author: Adisha
•Friday, December 19, 2008
I wonder what was going through the mind of the Iraqi who threw the shoe at Bush?! Venting out his frustration in lieu of the many who are silent in the face of what's happening in their nation, I pressumed. I can only venture a guess for he certainly isn't standing by his point by putting forward an apology. Albeit it appears that the apology may have been obtained by beating him pulp after the afore mentioned incident. I also wonder what he, this Hero of the masses thought would happen immediately After he threw the shoe that was so mildly dodged. Not unlike another hero who inspired, was willing to hit the CEO of the MTA with His shoe against the injustice of his enjoying huge salary benefits when others are suffering under the bout of recession.

A lot goes through my mind as I think about this world famous incident. An act that has been praised by Billions around the world. An act that has given hope to many, with a seemingly daring, cheeky action. I wouldn't want to condone such behaviour but I'm forced to admit it gave me immense joy when I came to know of it. That someone had taken a stand in way that brought attention to what the Iraqies have been going through. With a single throw he's shown the contempt most people feel for Bush and his administration.

During the recent Mumbai attacks, a friend of mine had said that she would love to see the politicians all lined up and beaten with shoes for the way our country has been mishandled over the years. But I came back with the remark, is that there is no point of holding sentiments that few will stand up and fight for. No one in today's world thinks that such actions are worth it. Few today inspire people the way leaders of yesteryears like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa did.

The world needs a reform, in a major way. Every piece of our society big or small, materialistic or emotional is slowly but steadily rotting to it's core and everyone is just too blinded by their own life to realize it. Everyone is quick to point fingers and place blame but how many actually DO anything about it or anything for that matter. I myself was Very disturbed by the Mumbai Blasts. Somehow I felt mad at Everyone who stands by letting things slide, thinking it's ok. This doesn't matter. But when will people realize that Every little bit matters. When someone stands by and lets another be mugged. When someone says nothing when another is treated wrongly. When someone accepts lies and betrayals as a part of the world. When someone denines another justice for power, money or relations. Each one says, why should I do something, for it does not affect me. No one realizes that all of it adds up to the summation of something big that finally rocks the morals of today's world and then we can do nothing, for we have done nothing so far. What is the point of lighting candles, sending forwards, joining groups, talking, joking, taunting, when you actually DO nothing !!! Even at the littlest injustice that we ignore today, is like a snowball rolling down the hill, gathering momentum, increasing in size causing an avalanche that destroys Everything under it.

Thus when that Iraqi with his shoe or the man at the MTA with His shoe, raise their hand in response to the wrongs of society we need at the least appreciate the conditions that lead them to that step and make sure we too stand up for all that we know is right. So, pick up a shoe. No, No, I mean metaphorically. Taking a stand against whatever you see going wrong in your life or with those around you. Raise your voice and fearlessly, truthfully speak of what needs to be done right. Share your concerns with another and together right a wrong. For if things keep going the way they are, tomorrow one of two things will happen. Someday either we will all be standing on roads with shoes in our hands. Or we will all be left without shoes to wear ...
Author: Adisha
•Monday, December 15, 2008
It's been a long time since I've posted anything. I wonder why that is. Not from lack of desire. But there's just too much going in rather than coming out. I sat many days open to my screen looking at it blankly hoping One thing pops up. I calculated the other day and I've read an almost a 100 books in the past year. Life seems to have come to a standstill of sorts and lots has been amounting to nothing and vice versa at times. That's besides the point though.

Today is about some of what I've been enjoying.

Author Fern Michaels - Totally refreshing, flowery writing. Her smart alec quips and girly comments leave me with a smile. Fantabulously loud characters and vibrant heroines. Something different from the usual thrillers I tend to pick up.

Series Raising the Bar - A different perspective of the law, from the point of view of those who are helpless and willing to change for the better. People who commit crimes or are just tangled up in the system and fighting for a way out. Truly amazing. I'm not ashamed to say, I'm moved by each episode.

Series Leverage - For those who enjoy fast paced, well thought out plans with a dose of action, willy repartee, amazing acting all put to use outwitting the bad guy. People who enjoy movies like The Italian Job, Oceans Eleven, Mission Impossible etc , will surely get a kick out of this one.

Book I Didn't Mean That - Ever had the feeling you need a few guidelines to tell you how to handle people who irritate the hell out of you. Or sometimes just wish you'd not have put your foot in your mouth. Or wondered why a misunderstanding occurred. This book is for you. I'm going to be dedicating a blog to it myself soon. So those of you interested, stay posted !

Well that's it for today. I'm updating my blog to have books I've read and enjoyed, series, movies, etc. Would love it if those of you who come by here would put in some of what you enjoy as well ...

Till later then !!!