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•Wednesday, December 31, 2008
So, this is my last post for this year and what a year it's been. What better way to conclude than to summarize the past year. Most of my thoughts can be found penned here in bloggerville, but here's to what else made 2008 specially memorable.

Lessons Learned.

It's hard for elders to enjoy any place if it's out of their comfort zone, literally and metaphorically.

Enjoyment exists only among like minded people.

People find it hard to change, even if it means upsetting those close to you. It's easier for all around just to accept it.

Sometimes it's better to have out everything out in the open so that you can deal with it.

To forget something you need to concentrate on Now.

Expectations creep in even when you Think there's nothing to expect.

Some people are just too full of themselves to see what's happening around them.

If something pisses you off, it's better to let it subtly known rather than fret and fume about it later.

There are things about yourself that others misunderstand coz they are totally unique to you.

People you love have to put up with you, yet love everything about you.

When words hurt, you can't take them back but you Can be sorry and explain what you actually feel.

You hurt for those you love and there's nothing you can do to help them.

Good friends always ROCK !!! No matter the time, distance or even space ;)

When you're at home you miss your family and friends and when you're going to be with them all, you already miss your love before you've even left.

If you let it, time can change everything or nothing ...

Cherished Celebrations.

Joined Bloggerville and finally started putting down my thoughts in one place.

Valentines was a surprise in the Sahara.

Had a good holi with lipstick and green colors.

Got a digi cam for my anniversary.

Roamed and enjoyed Memphis totally.

Bear Mountain had a breathtaking view.

Had great fun showing parents the world around us.

Enjoyed a wonderful evening with DJ spinbad. First pub outing.

Birthday 08 was awesome peppered with surprises. Shopping, eating out, Cake, cards and a LOVELY lunch at Bateaux.

Enjoyed cooking new recipes of chicken, fish, Mediterranean, mexican, cakes, and traditional foodies all at home.

Had a traditional karvachauth.

Diwali totally Rocked this year, with friends, parties and games.

Jersey city will always be fun.

And all those special moments spent with my sweet hubby who's surprisingly always full of surprises !!!

Movies that Rocked my Mind.

Dark Knight
Wall E
Pursuit of Happyness
August Rush
Get Smart
Rab ne Bana di Jodi
Jodha Akbar
Bachna ae Haseeno
Rock On
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