Author: Adisha
•Friday, December 19, 2008
I wonder what was going through the mind of the Iraqi who threw the shoe at Bush?! Venting out his frustration in lieu of the many who are silent in the face of what's happening in their nation, I pressumed. I can only venture a guess for he certainly isn't standing by his point by putting forward an apology. Albeit it appears that the apology may have been obtained by beating him pulp after the afore mentioned incident. I also wonder what he, this Hero of the masses thought would happen immediately After he threw the shoe that was so mildly dodged. Not unlike another hero who inspired, was willing to hit the CEO of the MTA with His shoe against the injustice of his enjoying huge salary benefits when others are suffering under the bout of recession.

A lot goes through my mind as I think about this world famous incident. An act that has been praised by Billions around the world. An act that has given hope to many, with a seemingly daring, cheeky action. I wouldn't want to condone such behaviour but I'm forced to admit it gave me immense joy when I came to know of it. That someone had taken a stand in way that brought attention to what the Iraqies have been going through. With a single throw he's shown the contempt most people feel for Bush and his administration.

During the recent Mumbai attacks, a friend of mine had said that she would love to see the politicians all lined up and beaten with shoes for the way our country has been mishandled over the years. But I came back with the remark, is that there is no point of holding sentiments that few will stand up and fight for. No one in today's world thinks that such actions are worth it. Few today inspire people the way leaders of yesteryears like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa did.

The world needs a reform, in a major way. Every piece of our society big or small, materialistic or emotional is slowly but steadily rotting to it's core and everyone is just too blinded by their own life to realize it. Everyone is quick to point fingers and place blame but how many actually DO anything about it or anything for that matter. I myself was Very disturbed by the Mumbai Blasts. Somehow I felt mad at Everyone who stands by letting things slide, thinking it's ok. This doesn't matter. But when will people realize that Every little bit matters. When someone stands by and lets another be mugged. When someone says nothing when another is treated wrongly. When someone accepts lies and betrayals as a part of the world. When someone denines another justice for power, money or relations. Each one says, why should I do something, for it does not affect me. No one realizes that all of it adds up to the summation of something big that finally rocks the morals of today's world and then we can do nothing, for we have done nothing so far. What is the point of lighting candles, sending forwards, joining groups, talking, joking, taunting, when you actually DO nothing !!! Even at the littlest injustice that we ignore today, is like a snowball rolling down the hill, gathering momentum, increasing in size causing an avalanche that destroys Everything under it.

Thus when that Iraqi with his shoe or the man at the MTA with His shoe, raise their hand in response to the wrongs of society we need at the least appreciate the conditions that lead them to that step and make sure we too stand up for all that we know is right. So, pick up a shoe. No, No, I mean metaphorically. Taking a stand against whatever you see going wrong in your life or with those around you. Raise your voice and fearlessly, truthfully speak of what needs to be done right. Share your concerns with another and together right a wrong. For if things keep going the way they are, tomorrow one of two things will happen. Someday either we will all be standing on roads with shoes in our hands. Or we will all be left without shoes to wear ...
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On December 30, 2008 at 1:18 AM , Xoff said...

I thought it was a sad sight, humanity reduced to throwing shoes at someone we don't like. Didn't make me happy.

I would have been really happy if someone decided to take the governments responsible to the International Courts of Justice and was pursuing a case of war crimes against them and the people directly responsible for it. Now that is something I would get really excited about.

The sight of that poor sod throwing his shoes and the subsequent adulation of this act just demonstrates that we are still stuck at a lower level of humanity, where violence or symbolic acts of violence are used to retaliate against injustice.

So pardon me for not joining the celebrations!

On December 30, 2008 at 8:55 AM , Adisha said...

I agree. If you've read my blog above, I've mentioned that I do not condone such behavior either.

Sure, pursuing justice in the courts is the ideal case and I too wish that was Being done instead of people HAVING to resort to such actions due to the frustration being spread in the masses that's yet awaiting it's day to come !!!

I'm sorry to say there Are no celebrations happening for you to decline. :) Rather a state of bemusement for what's happened and what's in store in the days to come ...

To reiterate, my blog is about taking a stand for what you believe in right Now by the right means in at least our day to day situations rather than waiting for a time, when no means other than violence is left to vent. Which will be truly a sad state indeed ! :(

Thanks for visiting my blog though. Hoping to hear more on your point of view.