Author: Adisha
•Saturday, December 20, 2008
The man does incredible movies. No movie of his goes without appreciation for his acting skills. Sure I am Legend and Hancock could have had anticlimactic endings, but hey ! Writing is not his forte, yet ! ;)Sure, he's incredible good looking but I for one, am a fan of the person. Every interview of his, every word that passes his lips is bursting with enthusiasm for life. Whenever I see him talking in interviews, I feel Every sentence he says should be punctuated by exclamation points!!! He's one for positive thinking, humor and the living life to the fullest. I admit I strive to have that attitude towards life some day. He stands for home schooling, learning constantly, exercising regularly. His motto, Read and Run Each Day. For a person who never graduated college and gained popularity at an early age, he comes across as an intelligent and genuine person , leaving his mark on this world in a special way.

When I read his interview the first time in reader's digest I was shocked and in total awed by his comments on education and totally fell in with his style of thinking which for me was a unique take. He's not just literate, he's Educated. Kids today Need to learn about Life, rather than stuff that they'll never need. They need to learn about their country, and heritage, besides and whatever else they need to make it in the life that they choose. Reading, writing and arithmetic are basics but other than that, what one needs to learn is what helps them in the talents they possess. Schools have too much peer pressure and thinking.

If some day I could sit with him or ask him what his mantra is in bringing up children. It's amazing his son of 16 years was sensitive enough to donate all his gifts to a children hospital after he was affected by his grandma's demise. He has a children council at home, which is always in effect. Like when his kid asked for a 100 dollar allowance, he told all the kids to gather in a room and once inside, they had an Actual 45 min discussion and came out with the number of 40$, having come to the conclusion their brother didn't need a 100 dollars a week with his current life style. It's amazing that he even came up with this thinking. Sure, there might be others out there with the same techniques but having heard something like that for the first time, I am totally in admiration of this person who just shines on screen in Every way , a person, actor, husband and parent.
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On December 25, 2008 at 2:13 PM , R3d3MpTioN said...

cool.. didnt knw dat abt will smith .. !

On December 26, 2008 at 3:51 AM , dreamy said...

wow i dint know that...i always liked him as an actor...but nver knew the kind of person he