Author: Adisha
•Monday, August 25, 2008
People who know that they know,
People who know that they don't know,
People who don't know that they know,
People who don't know that they don't know .

My husband, a fellow philosopher had once shared this tidbit with me. Further explained it unfolds to the fact that the world is made up of four types of people. People who know that they they know everything. These are those who are perennial know it alls and kind of hard to be around as they have to be right always. Then there are those enlightened ones who know that they don't know everything and are willing to learn from all sources to make up for the void. Then there are those that don't know that that there are things they are aware of. These set can be , in time, made aware of what they need in life. And then there are those few that are utterly clueless, which are the most dangerous kind for they are truly illiterate in every form and no amount of words can be used to convince them.

I'd found this a very profound and well found lesson. One of those things that help you understand the people around you and accept them for what they truly are. Now I'm not saying people can't change, it's just that most people after a certain age choose to NOT. Among the above Type of people the most important time to aim for is for those who know that they don't know. For once you become aware of something that needs to be learned or adapted to, life becomes much easier. Of course this applies to each and every part of our lives. From worldly knowledge to basic human nature.

An example for this might be, just after marriage when we ( my husband and I ) shared endless arguments for apparently no valid reason. Mornings or afternoons one thing would lead to another and before we knew it we'd be biting each others' heads off and laughing or the absurdities of our stubbornness later. In time, it dawned on him and me that the only time he gets crabby is when he's hungry. It's not that he can't handle hunger or hasn't spent days in his life when he's not eaten for some reason or other. It's that, at a given time he starts expecting food. And if he ( subconsciously ) feels that the food is available yet getting delayed for whatever reason he loses it. Full credit for him for adapting to his nature by being patient, when he's aware that lunch / dinner is going to be delayed. It's still quite easy to know when he's getting hungry as he gets low key. But atleast our fights have diminished to almost null for we both know are now aware of what occurs. I on my part, have learned to prevent the situation before it arises or to be understanding, and try to cheer him up by diverting his mind, if he does get restrained. This is something we all can learn from. When we become aware of a part of ourselves that can affect another person, we can do well to adapt to ourselves and make our spouses or those around us of that nature, the tell tale signs and the consequences of the reaction.

Which brings me to the thought of how many of us wonder each day of why or how so and so situation came to be ? I'm sure after some soul searching and thoughtful reflection on past events one just might come up with some quirks that are unique to us. Wouldn't you like to adapt, if not change the one part of you that Could lead to adverse reactions ? I'm sure that would help you and All those around you in more ways than one. Sure people around us, accept us once they get to know us better but shouldn't you want to know yourself better first ? Think about it . Become aware of what you don't know bout yourself Now.
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On October 10, 2008 at 4:05 AM , dreamy said...

you seem to have a wonderful marriage :)

On October 11, 2008 at 2:09 PM , Adisha said...

Why Thank you !! < blushing > :)