Author: Adisha
•Thursday, August 21, 2008
Whenever I walk down the road, I don't know why sometimes I get into the rhythm of placing a foot in each block. As always, there just before the pavement ends, etched into the cement is the another sempiternal question , " What is LIfe ? ". I'm not even going to try to pen down my thoughts about this one.

It's just that something so miniscule in comparison to the apartment buildings around it, is such a mystery. It always amuses me that someone thought to scratch a few words into the wet mixture, just before it set enough to bear the wear and tear of a million feet walking over it day in and day out. I wonder also, how many people actually notice the tiny lettering. Do they mull over this graffiti or wonder what lies ahead or get pensive about the past ? There has to be some reaction, right? Wonder if the person who made this scribbling, young-old, male-female, did it with some thought or on a fantastic whim. I only wish I were that impromptu in my actions. Leaving my mark places I've been. Touching the lives of people I'll never meet or know....
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