Author: Adisha
•Tuesday, August 26, 2008
It was a surprise to me when I came to the US and discovered the buildings are mostly made of wood. I was fascinated to learn that wood being in abundance in the long gone years, it made more sense to use readily available raw material than grapple with bricks and stone. Thus it's cheaper and easier to use wood for building. One can construct and dismantle a building piece by piece and put it back together MUCH faster than of stone or wood. Wood is even thought to be considerably more durable in some regards. In some cases, when required a home can simple be cut off at it's base and transported to the new location. Putting up a wall is almost as easy as 1,2,3.

Now after a year, I wonder if it's such a good thing. I can hear creaking below my feet as I walk around and fear the people living below are aware of my current weight. I've also developed magical powers under protest, which enable me to ascertain the current position of my upstairs' neighbors. Many a times, I've jerked at a noise that seemed to emanate from within my apartment and discovered that my fears were unfounded. Many a sleepless times can be attributed to ghostly sounds right beside you courtesy movements above. Over time it's gotten so bad that I had to personally go and visit my innocent neighbors and request them to somehow TRY to refrain from making any noise as it's quite disconcerting. Even to my ears the appeal sounded ridiculous but being helpless I groped at the only course of action available to me. It's almost impossible to expect one to walk around on pins and needles, when it's the old floor boards that are to be blamed. Don't get me wrong, I do count my blessings for the padding within the walls, that allow for sound proofing. Else, I'd really hate to be privy to others' conversations and vice-versa. I hear many a humorous anecdotes about neighbors getting distressed or even leaving at the slightest whimper. Like a neighbor who pounded on his walls to get my friends to stop talking, not shouting or dancing, just talking.

Permanent solutions include moving to a stronger structure or becoming a home owner. Both of which include considerable monetary commitments. Moving to the topmost floor would just be a temporary solution only putting me at the top of the pyramid. Now, whenever I hear my neighbors tip toeing around their house, I am grateful for the silent gaps between squeaks but wonder what other recourse is available for people like us who are distressed and yearning for a squeak free life? Never in my life, had I imagined that I would miss all the structures I've ever lived in, for the one reason that they are built of brick !!!!
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