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•Thursday, July 31, 2008
Me, hubby and bro had the pleasure of visiting Six Flags. Well, one Might wonder why I went since I do not go on Most of the rides but I do so enjoy the games / food / ambiance found on the ground. I enjoyed reading my book, as I waited for the guys to finish their rides. It must have seemed pretty lame, as I can imagine, for I had perfect strangers coming up to me encouraging me to go on the rides which was also kinda fun! It's not that I don't want to go on the rides. It's just that I can't. Many a days, I sit imaginging what the rush feels like. To free fall and feel totaly out of control. But the two times, I tried it, I freaked out as the coaster went higher up and then out of sheer terror of dying with fright shut my eyes and said all the prayers I know so that the ride gets over at the earliest. On the positive side, I got a lot of original reviews as I could hear the yays and nays on the fun o ' meter as people came off each ride.

What really got my goat firstly was the queue. Man oh man !! How we 3 regretted not getting the Flash pass, which allows u to get on the rides SANS the 1.5 hour long queues. In the scorching heat, I don't know what was worse. Me waiting in the sun or the guys actually standing in the queue. Also, it is highly upsetting when you see people cutting the line and getting in the line, making the line longer than it was when you Started. There Should be some sort of restraint that prevents people under the age of 15 or something to get ahead of you. On top of everything the sprinklers on top, at the water rides ( which I DID grace with my presence ) weren't working. And then there was this hilarious ( well, to Me !! ) incident where this white, who we'll call X and african american who we'll call Y got into a never ending fight which lasting 2 hours atleast, to my knowledge. There they stood, fighting at the top of their lungs trying to convince a Six Flags representative. He in turn looked totally lost and for most of the 2 hours just seemed to be enjoying the attention of two lovely ladies. The crowd however was finding the whole thing amusing, which goes to prove how boring it was standing in that queue and finally turned into into a corny racial issue cheering on the african american girl. As I got closer to the head of the line, turns out Y was in her hurry to cut line and get ahead with her friends ( who were also cutting line) pushed X's kids out of the way which ofcourse miffed off the lady. Well, in course a lady came and called security which goes to show only girls can solve problems involving girls <> . The food is astronomically expensive. A guy went to the lemonade counter that goes around the park and was shocked when told the lemonade was for 4 dollars. " Is there anything for 1 ? " was answered with a quirky grin. Well, they are after all a business venture and are going to milk you for every cent you've got !!! Which is true for every product. Carrying food along with you is out of the question if you want to be able to roam around the whole park.

Having gotten the negativities out of the way - what I found really original was the S.F.R's T shirts, which read - No smoking , No litterring. Please keep the park clean. Even My family comes here. Or something to that effect. Which I found pretty cool. Also , the rides were pretty cool. Including the long queues, the number of rides you can pack into a day is "6". The boardwalk and the games are also real good fun. The food is also pretty good considering, you are pretty famished by the time you think about eating. So, here goes the list for your reference, if you like based or personal and public feed back -

The Twister - It's a good beginning. I recorded the whole ride on camera. It's slow but twists you all around off and on. It's even fun to Watch .

Superman : Ultimate Flight - Totally Over rated. It has the longest ride and the ride is Not worth even talking about . ( Hear say )

Kingda Ka - We got stumped at Kingda Ka where the guys stood for 45 mins and then were told the ride has gone " temporarily out of order. And just as we were walking to the next ride, was back in order. Later, we just weren't comfortable going on it Not knowing what had gone wrong in the first place.

Great American Scream Machine - Pretty Cool. Worth going a second time or third time.

El Toro - The ULTIMATE thrill ride. You almost feel like you're head might get chopped off. After this one, it's hard to Think of going on another ride immedidately. Voted the best by everyone who got Off it.

Saw Mill Log Flume - A really good water ride. Really long with 3 drops and good fun for meek people like me. I'm not much into rides but being a water baby, I just Loved it.

Congo Rapids - Another good water ride, which gets you realllly wet. The trick is to keep the craft off balance and being ready to get wet. It's funny how many people stand for a water ride and complain about getting wet. Hello !! It's a water ride...
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