Author: Adisha
•Thursday, July 31, 2008
Back after my hiatus, spent in making many more cherished memories with family, showing them around and having fun in a few new experiences. Now, I'm just at home, alone again with my thoughts and musings. It's funny how time flies, making every moment that has passed by into a dream that may or may not have occurred. It's almost unrealistic that days gone by have turned into sifted through the sands of time and brought me back to where I was, left wanting more.

My family came, saw and conquered. So to speak !! On their first vacation, of a life time for the whole experience, I believe more than the sight seeing and shopping, walking till our feet hurt in unspeakable ways, what they most enjoyed was just being with us. Spending time at length with their son in law, getting to know him better, pampering the two of us in untold ways and sharing funny hilarious stories to times long forgotten is what will make this time unforgettable.

For me, once again I was surprised how I have grown and changed. The differences that have crept up displaying what I was before marriage and after. The contrast is almost vivid in it's starkness, when compared to the family with which I was brought up. My values remain the same of course, but the dissimilarities in tastes and choices have grown to differ. Which brings me to the unsettling thought, that as we all grow with time and change with circumstances, how different will be the world which I miss so. The world which holds all those I hold dear, and memories and places that only glorify themselves in my mind as does old wine. Time has a subtle way of changing things. I'm not so naive as to not know that people grow with time, but do they change so as to change their priorities and the love they have for those they held close? Do circumstances, new loves, new lives change the perspective of what was? Is what was important earlier hold lesser importance now ? If yes, then why is that so ? Is it easy to replace affections for one over the other ? Or does the past become hazy over time and lose significance ? It is necessary to move on and experience new things, but is it essential to change your perspective of Everything ? I wonder ...
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