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•Wednesday, June 11, 2008
In movies, I watch all genres, but movies that truly inspire to better your self and your life , in any small way is what moves it into my favorites slot. In any book or movie , there should be atleast one line or scene which gives me a moral or thought that makes me ponder. Many a times we easiliy miss the bigger picture, and then comes along a moment when you think of what could happen if ...

Saw the movie a second time the other day. And was equally moved as I was the first time I saw this movie that takes us through a part of the life of Chris Gardner. More than the actual person what impresses me most is the actual line ie - Pursuit of Happyness. Knowing that in order to achieve happiness you need to work hard in order to achieve your desired result. And happyness, when actually strides into our lives may not be the way we expected. Perfection is something we can aspire for, but knowing what to work towards to make us happy is a task in itself. Ofcourse, there is the little matter of knowing the different between , what we Think will make us happy and what actually makes us happy.

As the movie progresses, the simplicity awes me as I imagine how easy life comes to those of us who have the basic necessities and comforts. The scene where " Chris " figures out the way out of the pit of his problems, is amazing. And as he tries and works towards making a reality out of the mirage set before him, brings forth new respect for all those who may have been the same scenario. As I said earlier, respect for an achiever aside, the simple theme of the movie is what moves me each time.

Having met people who are never satisfied or feel that happiness eludes them at every point, I find it essential for the knowledge of pursuing happiness to be spread all around. No one finds bliss lying at their doorstep, but then there are quite a few people out there, who unaware of the little happiness they have, are reluctant to admit that there is something else out there that could make them happy. Their illusion of happiness leads them down the maze of life, onto roads that make no sense. They are neither willing nor capable of accepting life's cards and playing the game to their own benefit. All for the simple reason of being stubborn and blind to the realities before them.

Here I'm getting sleepy and losing my thought process and so I lamely, sign off with the parting thought that happiness like all else in our lives like friendship, relations, marriage, career is an on going process. Each day we need to find moments that bring smiles on our faces and those that we love. Each night we need to remember all the happy moments that made the last day special. For believe it or not, tomorrow will be a new day, with more or less of those moments that sum up to what we call Our Life. Memories good or bad, that will none the less bring a smile to our face as we reminisce about them , telling tales of our experiences and the lessons we learnt to those who are willing to learn. So decide to be happy coz you deserve it, just like everyone else ...
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On August 20, 2008 at 6:08 AM , shalin said...

....i completetly agree with ur point of view....Beautiful flick..A mus See!!

On June 20, 2009 at 3:23 AM , Stillness Speaks said...

I totally agree with what you had to say. Happiness is something we have to glean from everyday life and everyday moments. Your post so nicely compliments my latest post! We should author a book together what say ;-)