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•Thursday, May 15, 2008
Firstly, I'm no big fan of Shahrukh or Aamir. I love movies, and characters they play but not the people. After all, no person is perfect. And they are in the industry get ahead making huge amounts of money, get fame and all the glory that comes with it. No matter what they might claim. Read the " sensational " news today of Aamir naming a dog after Shahrukh and I just Had to go and read it for myself. As the blog goes, it's Aamir talking about a dog that his Caretakers have, whose name is Shahrukh. As he justifies this jab, by saying that though he had nothing to do with naming the dog, he's just plain lucky to have bought a house which had a dog named Shahrukh. In the comments given to the post there were people lauding his sense of humor besides his description of Panchgani ( where the house is ). And there were a few who called it what it was. Tasteless.

I for one am appalled at His choice of words. I mean, cmon ! He's a man of vast means, interests, educated. And this is what he finds funny? Taking potshots at a rival ? What is the world coming to when such a big name in the industry, an idol to many, creates such an example for the people around who look up to him? No one can convince me that he had no idea what he was saying or what impression he was creating. Shahrukh me laugh it off all he wants, but in the end, it is what it is. Demeaning. Sure, people name their pets whatever they feel like. And many might even consider it a compliment to be made such a part of people's life. But then, the various comments made by Aamir are nothing, but hints of taming Shahrukh ( the dog ).

It's not a big deal in the bigger scheme of things, of course. More than anything, I think it disturbs me so much for no other reason other than the way many people have picked up the habit on commenting on anything and everything. Physical attributes, love lives, work, studies,salary, marriage, achievements - everything is fair game. Sarcastic comments are flying all across the globe. A person might not think twice before asking a question or passing a remark that makes another highly uncomfortable. Is it that they don't realize what they are saying or is it just that people prefer trying to make a point, no matter how insensitive they may come across as. Most days I find it highly amusing to what levels people can try to pry and poke. And some days, I find myself tightening my fists in balls of red, preventing myself punching them in the face. It's these kind of people, who invite people to hit back with whatever ammunition they can muster that the time. When thoroughly provoked anyone and everyone is bound to cross their threshold and retaliate one way or another.

The best part is that most of these people do it behind the curtain of humor or inquisitiveness. They'll usually come back with " I was just kidding. Didn't mean to make you feel bad. " I admit, there is humor in sarcasm but Only when used productively or playfully. Not like a barbed wire that hurts. I don't think it's anyone's business criticize any other person's life or choices in any way. Unless of course actively involved. And then also, words should be chosen prudently and in a way to achieve best results. No one in their right minds, can do anything right when disturbed. For that you need to love and cherish what is already in them and nourish that. And it's never funny to calling someone ugly or fat or too thin. I think we all already have our own demons to battle, let alone to be bothered about someone else's. I think it has more to do with people not Knowing the difference between humor and vulgarity. Somehow enjoying the feeling of morbid relief in pointing a finger at another, in the process diminishing the size of their own shortcomings.

Our society just might be a better place if we all took care of what we said. Praising rather than criticizing and cherishing rather than pointing. For all that's encouraged is what makes us what we are. Humor does have it's own place and playfully used, leads to laughter that can heal many a broken souls. Between friends, with a mutual understanding and respect, smiles can be brought about with ease. But crass, cheap, bad mannered jest finds indulgence only in the minds of the impervious.
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On October 10, 2008 at 2:53 AM , dreamy said...

well if they start praising and cherishing they will not be in the limelight now would they..their ratings will not go high! No one cares for a good guy..they have to be the bad boys for the media to notice them.....
its just so damn pathetic..and immature...but then that is how it is *sigh*