Author: Adisha
•Friday, May 09, 2008
It's might be a little early for me to be saying what is right for a relationship. But then, I believe the basics are always the same and who are we kidding ?? It's Never just perfect. But we can always try. And for perfection one needs practice and patience. And Lots of work on both sides. There is no short cut and certainly no free lessons to a happy life but from my experience I've learnt that the below few pointers do help us all. Not just in marriage but any relation. Of course, it's not applicable to everyone because some people are just built different but it's worked for me and the few that I've seen around me !!! So, here goes -

1. Laugh a lot .
1. Respect each other .
1. Have fun together - always be willing to try new things .
1. Be willing to compromise .
1. Share every thing and thought .
1. Talk your heart out .
1. Learn to let the small things go ; we all have our quirks .
1. When in doubt - ask .
1. Bury each hatchet , after having used it in a momentary war .
1. Never dig up old graves ; they are old, useless, painful, and stink big time !!
1. Resolve each issue and find a suitable solution - one at a time .
1. If you stray from a topic always find the essence of the discussion .
1. Value each other's opinions .
1. Sometimes more than anything , just listening and venting are needed ; after that move on .
1. Be willing to be silly .
1. Have fun with surprises.
1. Make every moment count .
1. TRY enjoying each other's worlds .
1. Give each other space to be themselves .
1. Compliment each other a lot .
1. Say I love you a lot .
1. Think about how the other person would feel before taking any action .
1. Remember - Intention is what matters in the end. It's the thought that counts.
1. To solve any problem, you have to believe you can make it work .
1. Don't be scared to speak your mind ; specially if it's important to you .
1. Always try choose your words carefully .
1. Keep your expectations in check .
1. Listen and pay attention to each other - the said And the unsaid .
1. In the heat of the moment ; sometimes it's Ok to keep quiet and let things fizzle out .
1. Don't put up a show. The real you comes out eventually . Be yourself .
1. Pamper each other to the fullest .
1. Be supportive and always have your shoulder handy .
1. Care about people the other cares for .
1. Always take a stand for what you believe in And for the one you LOVE.
1. Say loving words often .
1. Always let them know in every way that they are special to you .
1. Never take each other for granted .
1. Always keep aside special alone time .
1. Appreciate every small or big effort taken for you .

Then there's always that extra mile you can and should go for someone you love and care about. Remember, happiness shared is doubled and sorrow shared is halved. So, goes to reason, when the other person is happy , you'll find happiness too. It's a circle ; it all comes back. And yes, they are all number 1 for a reason !!!
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On May 9, 2008 at 4:45 PM , Anonymous said...

Right said Fred/Wilma...:)

On October 10, 2008 at 2:44 AM , dreamy said...

agree with each one of them..the most important of them all that I have learned is that one should communicate openly and honestly..never keep anything boiling inside..there were so many times when i did that and i was the one who ended up getting hurt..while he had no idea that something was causing me so much pain..until i told him