Author: Adisha
•Thursday, May 08, 2008

Water, water every where and the beauty of it all. I went to the beach recently and once there, I was just over come with the desire to plunge into the waters and let them wash all the heat and troubles off me. I've been brought up in a place where going to the beach was a part of every weekend outing. Once I grew up, going to a water body, sitting along the water front, walking along the water's side, was a part of living. There's just something magical and purifying about letting the wind blow over you as you look out at the vast oceans pondering about the unknown. Picnics, outings, long drives or walks, no matter what the reason it's always a pleasure to spend some time near a water body. Thoughts grow clearer, as your eyes get refreshed by the sights of the endless horizon before you. And if there is a sunset or sunrise, it adds all the more meaning to the moment. The sheer beauty of the clean, shining, blue waters is enough to take your breath away. The way the skies change colors, almost reflects onto your mood uplifting you to a higher plane. The serenity that one finds beside these water fronts guarantee to support the wide range of emotions that flow through you. The way the skies meet the sea, is a perfect example of irony where nothing is exactly as it seems.

Many sweet memories were made by the sea side of games played with friends imagining us living in a sand caslte , picnics with families and uncles and aunts, refreshing swims, endless talks with friends, playing around at waterfalls with family and my brother, long walks during times of turmoil and silently looking across at the endless blues while deep in thought are all a part of the life I've loved. Even now, sitting along the sea or any water front, mysteriously guides me into a blissful state. Nothing gives me more joy, than going back to the waters anywhere; that have been friends longer than I have been alive and given me many happy memories to cherish. I'm not blind to the loss that can come from them becoming the enemy but that's a law of nature and nothing can be done except try our best under that circumstances. Yet disasters aside, it is amazing how being in the presence of such beauty and luscious sounds is totally calming.

Though, when we went to this beach, I was sorely disappointed to see the state of the waters which seemed dangerously toxic. I could only refrain myself by dipping my feet into the waves to feel the soothing cool in the blistering day. Maybe this beach wasn't meant to be go swimming in, but then being that it was placed beside a water park, I think the clean waters might have added a financial benefit to the park as well. I for one, would have loved to go into the park, if only I could have taken a small dip into the cool waters. This is my one call to direct us all to the sad state in which the un recycled waters are in presently. Let us all do our small bit in taking care to keep our waters clean and make efficient use of our available resources. And for those of you out there who haven't yet taking a walk along the river side, go ahead, take someone you care about or just take a random stroll and experience the love of the deep blue waters ...

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On October 10, 2008 at 2:41 AM , dreamy said...

what I love the most about the water is its sound...ranging from waves crashing on the rocks to the gentle brooks bubbling over the is so serene :)