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•Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Yesterday, I did something I've never done before. Diligently tried to rally troupes forward, making them dance and sing on the rhythm of the drums and horns, making sure my growing army conquers one and all. You might be wondering how I managed to do all that, and all in one day. Well, I made the use of one of the latest technologies tool that allow you to have fun anytime, anywhere. The PSP. It allows you to store your data, listen to your music, updated news, view photos and among other Fun functions allows you to play the current game of your choice.

I for one, am not much of a gamer, which anyone who knows me will vouch for. Sure, I will dabble in this and that at the arcades or the laptop or PSP. I'm just as good as the next person, who enjoys fooling around with virtual cars, bikes, motor boats or guns. A once in a while playful visitor to the gaming zone. But a new "fever" overtook me yesterday. The joy of banging drums that "talked" to the " tribe" . Any gamer worth their salt is sure to have heard of this newest addition to the world of PSP games. Recently, having gifted it to my hubby, I wondered what it was that got that gleeful look in his eyes after he came home from work, having played the game during the commute. I mean, cars and guns, sure, thats anyone's piece of cake. It's a guy thing. But having seen the reviews and the trailer of the game, I wasn't quite convinced how much fun, game based on maintaining Rhythm would be.

So, yesterday, after gentle coaxing of my hubby to try it, I entered the world of tiny tribal miniature creatures in this wondrous game - PATAPON. And was hooked ! To my hubby's extreme delight and bewildered amusement, making use of his patient explanations that encouraged me play a bit longer after I got exasperated in the first try, I ended up playing for almost three hours running. The tiny voices, the snide remarks when you are unsuccessful, the funny one eye patapons, the dancing trees, the weird animals and birds, pulled me into their midst. Taking on the role of the deity, the challenges to build my army with various kinds of patapon looking for food, figuring out what items to use to maximum advantage to give birth to new soldiers, making the Itchy tree dance and last but on the least fighting the evil Zigaton tribe made me wrack my brain for the optimum way of achieving the best result.

The magic of this game is in it's simplicity. Just when it lets you fall into a sense of security of having figured out the rhythm of the various beats so that you can move your army forward or launch an attack, it throws you a nasty curve which leaves you scrabbling to once again try to get back into the Groove and try to reach the FEVER pitch. The Fever allows you to gain an advantage over your current challenge, which can only be attained if you are being consistent in playing the PATA, PON, CHAKA or DON. Many a times you get so involved in what's going on in the video that you momentarily get thrown off track and forget the song that you thought you knew by heart a moment ago. The slightest distraction becomes unwelcome, for the fear of losing the grip you have so pain painstakingly achieved.

A novice like me can't really comment much on the technicalities of the game. Yet, for the first time, I got a tiny insight into the world of the gamers, where no goal is too far to achieve or no level too high to climb. A a sense of respect and admiration has now replaced the wonder I earlier felt for those who are willing to sit patiently for hours together sharpening their tactics. And least to say, Patapon has got a new admirer. This brings to memory my sheer enjoyment in playing the game in which a Big yellow dot repeated the words " pac man pac man" while eating power bites and running away from ghosts. Now, I just can't wait to put the headphones back on and groove to the music giving the calvary and myself another chance to embark on the journey to the Earthend. I'm also looking forward to giving my brother, an avid gamer himself, a taste of this two dimensional, beat loving world. But first, I need to find a way to pry the PSP out of my hubby's hands ...
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