Author: Adisha
•Friday, April 11, 2008

Memphis is definitely growing on me. The warm, balmy weather, the mighty Mississippi, the long walks around the town, the cute trams on the road, the colorful places, the friendly people and above all the total relaxation one finds in just being on vacation from the usual. BEALE street with it's colorful bars and great music is just tantalizing. And the food I've been enjoying, is just to die for. Specially, since it's not me doing the cooking.

Just yesterday, I had the pleasure of wonderful company and a cozy evening. Thunder, lightning and rain aside, it was just pleasant being shown around the pretty sights. Their cats and beautiful home, all in the midst of a pretty little village were just a sight to behold. And the watercolors that adorned their home, my oh my ! It totally amazed me that someone I knew had such a vast collection, brought together over the years from all over the world. I never get to see much of art or paintings that I'd like to but to be able to feast my eyes on such works of art in a single evening really made my day.

The way colors in a picture jump out at you, and to only imagine how wondrously the artist put together a picture with their own hands conveying to us the colors they see. To see a place through the eyes and art of another only goes a long way in educating one of the vast amount of talent and beauty hidden in every crevice of the world. It is astounding how any person can so vividly to able to put their expression onto a canvas and in turn capture the admiration and respect of another.

I had visited MOMA ( Museum of Modern Art) recently and though I'm sure people much more articulated and cultured than me would disagree, I failed to understand how lines crossed to intersect at a point or a crumpled paper could in any way be conceived as art ?! It was incredible how even a Blank canvas with red paint splashed across it in different shades, discovered many years ago in a house was considered art by concocting a detailed explanation of what the artist Might have thought. Who's to say that wasn't someone testing what shade would suit their walls? The visit to the museum was interesting, entertaining and at quiet a few places totally incredible, albeit questionable to the common mind as to why and how certain pieces come to be declared as outputs of talent. How Does one compare crayon like markings to a Monet ?! I'm at a loss to comprehend such a vast difference. Maybe at a later point in time, being more educated on the same, I might understand but I can't at this point of time help being amused and baffled.

Once again, I only bring this up in contrast to the instant in which you look at a painting filled with vibrant colors, of a scene in a far off land and it simply takes your breath away. A watercolor that is so detailed in it's finesse and so vivid in it's tones that you can almost imagine yourself in another time and place. A vision that holds you in it's clasp so tightly that you find yourself being lost in each stroke and marvel at the talent that created the masterpiece. Call me a orthodox but That's what I call art. I only hope to get more chances to be thrilled by such marvelous works of art, allowing me to humbly play the part of the raptured audience.

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