Author: Adisha
•Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There's something about coming back home from a long time spent away. The comfort of knowing that is your domain to do as you may. And for me, this was a revelation as till Now, I was missing my own home, the one that I spent days before my marriage in. Where all my friends are, wondering when I would be making the trip back.

I guess, having put together furniture and tit-bits to make a home that's comfortable and to our exact taste is what makes is My Own. They say home is where the heart is, and it makes perfect sense that a person reminisces about their own comfort zone when in another land. I'm sure it may have more to do with the personality we give the place as per our designs rather than the actual place but it was incredible that even though I was having the time of my life and enjoying the leisures provided, I had a nagging sensation that I was missing something. Something essential to my being.

I was just ecstatic imagining being back in My bed with the comforter and my table lamp, books and things just the way I like them. Watching my favorite TV shows and enjoying my favorite meals. What struck me as I entered was the smell. Closed houses all might invariably get enveloped in the same musty, closed smell. But This reminded me of the apartment I spent the first decade of my life in, and it was amazing as it brought back memories i hadn't thought of in ages. Those old days spent jumping around on the bed. My parents picking me up and hauling me around. Splashing around in the bath. Running around the house creating a ruckus with the neighborhood kids. Being fed after school, while watching Popeye, Tom and Jerry or Betty Bo Beep. Playing with my Barbies in the doll house my dad put together. Dancing around in my clothes tailored by mommy dearest. Playing with toys collected over the lavish birthday parties. Good times indeed.

And now, I make a home of my own. To build my own memories in with my own family. Memories that make up our whole lives. Those precious moments always willing to be relived over and over again bringing a smile to our faces each time. Like our trip to Memphis. That seems like a distant dream now. As soon as our feet hit the Newark airport, it was hard to believe those wonderful days had actually been spent in another place. As days go by and I look at the pictures over and over again, I think of how blissful those days were and how wondrous it is to be able to come back to a place that we together call Home.

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