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•Saturday, September 13, 2008
I went to a party today and the time I spent there could be described as awkward at best which drove me to the thought that conducting a fun party among people at my age is a real work of art.

What I observed was firstly, people are too preoccupied with their day to day lives. Secondly, these days with all that's going on with their lives, having a stimulating conversation is a rarity. Thirdly, having fun for people after marriage comes down to talking about themselves, their current turmoils or their children. And finally, being a good host seems to have become a lost skill.

Thus, I went through the net in search for viable pointers to help along those of us who are at least trying to attain perfection in the art of Partying !!

Arrange food and party favors with thoughtfulness and a open heart.

Keep in mind the number of people and their needs before preparation.

Decorate artistically and serve with a smile.

Welcome each guest personally at the door.

Give each person personal attention.

Introduce people who don't know each other with a short background.

A frowning host makes guests uncomfortable.

Guests do not need to be privy to internal squabbles.

Do not contradict or correct the guest unnecessarily.

Inviting people of different cultures, find a median and stick to it.

Do not over emphasize all the trouble you have gone through.

Don't go into a speech about yourself and your troubles. Keep the conversation light.

Distribute work to guests selectively.

If something goes wrong, don't frown or fret. Explain it to the guests, they all have been there and can understand.

Smile at and try to find a common ground with guests you are meeting for the first time.

Find a stimulating topic for each group of people to get involved in.

Don't push your guests to eat but be vigilant and serve with a smile.

Never let anyone feel left out.

Arrange games to liven up the party, Only if the people involved are the partying kind.

End the evening before they keep glancing at their watches and eyeing the door. It's better they should leave regretfully wishing the night could have continued than with the relief and gratitude of an escaping convict.

And learn from others. In the area of kindness, there is always someone who is more thoughtful, more considerate.

Just as we frequently pick up decorating tips from a friend's event, so too should we pick up hosting tips to make the party a delightful experience !!!
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