Author: Adisha
•Sunday, September 28, 2008
Not one to have ever taken interest in news, let alone politics, I find myself taking an active interest in both of late. With the elections coming up and the many calamities recently, I find the air charged with an unnatural intensity. You know, the kind where you feel something is going to happen?! I find myself apprehensive, specially with no definite knowledge of what the coming days will bring but being in no position to be of any consequence to the financial sector or nature, I can only continue fostering opinions.

The debate is finally on. I've been looking forward to how it actually works. I just love the concept of two parties standing up for what they believe in vocally, without fist fights or rudeness. Pot shots and off the cuff remarks are excused for the spice they provide. What is a debate but a kinda verbal joust between two intellectuals, which trying to convince the audience of their view points. And after the recent debate, I find John Mccain truly lacking in conviction in himself, let alone his campaign for president. I just can't be convinced in the capabilities of a person who cannot make eye contact or show any kinda charisma while on stage in front of His countrymen. Specially, when you are vying for the post that the whole world keeps an eye on. On the other hand, Barack Obama seems to fit the bill of a President in all manners. He's the kinda person who just exudes confidence. He's the kinda man, I wouldn't have any problem going up and asking for help were I ever in trouble. His body language, his tone, his eyes, all convey to you his conviction in his own words. That's the person who should be president. Mccain's age and charisma aside, I never agreed with his politics either. When I look at their views on the current Issues, it seems only natural for Obama to be in the driver's seat of this country. With due respect to his experience, I think today most countries today need a younger person to lead them into a new era. And here, I am not talking of Sarah Palin for she just seems too raw to be holding any kind of office. When talking about issues, talk about issues. When in an election, focus on your role in the same. Do not try and deflect from task by using disasters as a crutch. That's like a magician pulling a carrot back out of the hat, instead of the rabbit and making up a lame excuse for the same. And after the debate, it's clear as day, that the whole ruse of not campaigning was nothing more than a bluff that didn't work. No one needs such a person in a position of responsibility.

I can't vote here. As an immigrant I have limited options. But I have the right to voice my opinion to those who Can make a difference. I really regret not being able to have voted in my country. In most countries, specially India, politics is just plain dirty. In India, the politicians are actual low lifes who are just power hungry. The actual condition of the nation has nothing to do with their position in the government. Nothing about them says that they are here to make a difference. They come, they fill their pockets, play power games and when the time comes move on. When you look at any meetings in the parliament or news about current affairs, it's mostly just hilarious to see the words falling out of their mouths and what Issues for them are. Which is why, the youth in our country prefer staying away from all of it. Voting is mostly done by those few people who wouldn't even know how to make an educated guess as to who would be right ! And what difference does it make ? The most you can do is have the one eyed lead the blind into nothingness. There's a lot more our country and we are capable of, than what it is now. I truly wish more youngsters would take a leaf out of the movie YUVA and take an Active part in politics. We need people to work on making positive changes. But then who would be willing to put in their feet in these murky waters. Only those with experience in swimming with sharks. And so the vicious circle goes...

If only the people in the US, knew about the state of countries like ours, they would have No doubt in their minds as to who they should choose as president. Sure the situation might be similar here but it's subtle and far better preserved in many ways. With adept options, select someone whose willing to bring the country into totally different spotlight. Whose not afraid to say " Let's try this !" . If nothing else, just someone who at least has an aura of authority and self assurance. After all, look at the elite lot of people who have held this most sort after throne in the past. George Bush is, of course an exception to the rule for most of the others have been virtually regal making history in their own ways. America is the land of opportunities, the land of resources, the land which claims to have solutions whatever the problem, the land which inadvertently affects the socioeconomic conditions of other nations, the land of the future. A land, that I might add, at this moment is facing adversities, in more ways than one. Isn't it then, just the right time to hand the keys of such a kingdom to one who can envision on novel tomorrow ?!
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On September 29, 2008 at 9:34 AM , Red Eyes said...

My dear blog friend, until we blog again, thanks for finding me through that trail. You know events will turn out to be even more interesting as each day unfolds. I'm sure whoever emerges will be resilient in dealing with the myriad of problems.