Author: Adisha
•Thursday, September 11, 2008
Once when I was really young, my aunt( mom's sister) taught me that the best way to understand another is to put yourself in their place, keeping in mind all that you know about THEM and then judging their actions. Then things don't seem so surprising. I imbibed that lesson into my circuit and found it extremely useful in being sympathetic to the concerns of another.

But lately, I'm apalled and to a point, demoraled by the lack of empathy people really have for another. They prefer living in their self built cocoons and judging everyone else by the yard stick they use for themselves. When will people learn that being a friend/ relative/ human even involves trying to feel for another. Sure, the days to keep another before yourself have long gone, but is it so hard to give a thought to another's state of mind before hurling words at them? In my life, I keep coming across people who inherently make it difficult for me to be in their presence. The more I find myself adapting to them, the more I realize how diffiult it is to keep a straight face and not scream out of exasperation. Friendship that needs to be worked on at those levels is better not faked at all. Whatever happened to free speech and tolerance of another. On one hand we have those who think they Have to flaunt themselves and their belongings all over the place and at the other end of the spectrum you have those who expect you to live by their rules accomodating Their every need and necessity, sidelining you, your words, your actions and your worth as a person. Everyone desires appreciation, love, understanding and above all empathy. Wonder what makes them feel they are a cut above the rest ? For Lord knows they have what every other person walking on the street has, will or can have. What have they done to earn the respect of mankind or just one other? Selfishness, greed, vanity, condescension, envy, are all masked by fake smiles and empty words. And the moment to try to break free of the bonds of formality, people cringe at the thought of having to show some real feeling or concern. In the end, you end up feeling the fool just for being yourself.

Fine ! Don't aim to achieve greatness or even respect, just once in a while give Some thought to the turmoils and pains of another. People really need to stand back and look at their own lives from an angle other than the centre and take stock of their actions/ words and the resonating effect they have on others. Today, more than ever I remember fondly the few people who've showered me with genuine gestures of kindness and understanding. Those few people with whom I can be myself and not have to be explicit at every turn. I cherish them forever and hope that I meet more like them for empathatic people seem to be a dying breed. Yet, for now I'm glad there are people there making lives easier to live.
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On September 26, 2008 at 2:55 PM , mayuri said...

very very very well writen:) i m floored.