Author: Adisha
•Friday, September 26, 2008
Someone recently commented that I seemed like I believed in Magic. Not sure how they got that impression but then I got to thinking. Do I believe in magic ? What is magic after all ? I think in theory it's basically anything related to the supernatural. But whose to say what the supernatural really is or to what extent it's grasp exists?!

Sure, I believe there might be spirits hanging around us, looking over / at us. But Ghosts ? With all due respect, wouldn't dead people have better things to do than think about different ways to scare us?? Just yesterday, I saw on the news, this orb of light that was wandering around a gym. It had been recorded by the gym's motion detectors and cameras. That I can believe. Maybe a relative who had passed on wanted to check out how the business was going. Or wanted to let them know that they were doing a good job or something. Being a believer of reason, I'm sure that even spirits that roam the earth do so with some logic behind it. Searching for answers or looking out for those they care about or couldn't leave behind alone. Now that makes sense. About people who become ghosts due to untimely deaths, well I'm sure those people have enough unfinished business that they needed to have completed somehow or other rather than wasting time getting a shriek out of an innocent passer by. Right ?? But hey, for a person who watches all horror movies through any veil available or one eye, I talk too much. The logic behind the veil being that it's a semi barrier that they wouldn't be able to cross. Even when pausing, I make sure it's not during any of the scary scenes. Why give them a chance to pull a Ring ??

I adore the idea of witchcraft. Snap of a finger, wiggle of a nose, wave of a wand, mix a few disgusting things and you're on your way to getting what you want, within reason. I totally get that if you cast a spell on someone it comes back to you three fold. After all, that's where Karma comes into play. And the whole coven of witches thing. I think that's kinda over rated. It's like joining a club where you talk your known language. And that's so cliched. Then there's the Harry Potter series. I just loved it. That's just an endless wave of possibilities. And it made sense too. Who would want to be given a wand with no instructions on how to use it? It would be like a person having a remote with no idea of how to use it. Totally frustrating !! Did you notice even Alladin's genie gave precise rules on being summoned?

How can I not mention at this point magic acts? Those wonderful illusions that make you go " Ohhhhhhhhh !!!! " in amazement. Unfortunately, the charm of that is getting lost with all the books on magic coming out. Today, magic is more of a source of keeping the innocence of children intact, just a little longer. As long as they go ga ga over Santa Clause, fairy tales and little mermaids, till then the world is a miraculous place to be. What is magic, but a belief that there is something out there that is beyond our understanding. A hope that there are yet adventures out there that we can go on, if only we keep our minds open enough. Isn't that why we let our imagination run wild hoping secretly somehow, somewhere all that's make believe for us, is truly happening?

If we look closely, there's a miracle to be found in all those little moments of life. We just need to be able to appreciate it. Like the birth of a child, it's first steps, light rain on a hot day, the smell of a lovely rose, leaves turning yellow then red, the splashing of the waves, a hidden valley, clouds so low that you can touch them and all those moments where you are awe struck by a stunning revelation or sight or feeling. One might call it nature but many a times, you find them being described as magical.

And then there's the ever lasting, ever flowing magic of love. The one kind of magic that has proven true, changing lives with it's mere presence. I guess if you love someone truly, even for a moment in your life, you have to believe in Magic. For there has to be something supernatural about a force, that alters everything as soon as it touches you. Lights turn brighter, music sounds clearer, smells turn nicer, tears turn to laughter, you notice each and every intricate detail there is to notice about things around you and the world transforms into a stunningly amazing, livable place. As long as you know there is love out there, just for you Life seems easier somehow. Now That Has to be Magic !! Wouldn't you agree ?
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On September 29, 2008 at 4:14 PM , *~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I totally agree with you!Life is a miracle in itself and every single moment can be made magical if we set our heart on making it so :)

On October 10, 2008 at 4:35 AM , dreamy said...

i second that!! :)

On October 11, 2008 at 2:00 PM , Adisha said...

Appreciate the support :)