Author: Adisha
•Thursday, March 13, 2008
The perspective of every person is subject to the situation they are in. Everyone knows that. But do they know that it is easier to get a handle on the true situation were they to take a step back and look at the full picture? Though sensible, it's practically impossible to do that. If we took each of memories - good or bad and turn them around in our hands looking through the eyes of each person, we would find that every sight is different from another's angle.

I'm sure many of us have all wished other's to put themselves in our shoes and try understanding our viewpoint. But it's only when we put ourselves in their shoes can we grasp the actual scenario. It's funny how when I look back on events in my life now, i sometimes realize what/how things must have seemed to another. Though, at the time, the flow of the moment never gives you the time to think before acting.

Many times, having put myself in another's shoes I realized that it can be shocking how little thought people put into their actions but later come to the conclusion, it's not yourself you should put in the shoes but the person you're thinking of. Only then can sense be made of any experience.

Only that doesn't cut it either coz in the end every person is allowed the justification - That's the way I am... which is no excuse !!!! And the cycle continues .
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On March 13, 2008 at 2:57 PM , Anonymous said...

There is a reason why a commander doesn't fight like a soldier in the battlefied, unless ofcourse no is left to fight in the end :)

Similarly a soldier wouldn't be any good being in the commander's position, unless ofcourse the soldier is capable of making commander's decision :)

They both see different things in the same battle, and react accordingly. And both positions have specific roles important for winning the battle.

Similarly in a person's life sometimes they realize the bigger picture and act accordingly but most times they have to be in the situation and do what they think is best from that point of view.

It is quite tough to see the bigger picture when people are dealing with minute details of life. But it is always good to find the opportunity to see the bigger picture and see whats good from that point and correct the minute details accordingly, if possible, else use it as a lesson for future.