Author: Adisha
•Tuesday, March 18, 2008
The more we try to grasp at the butterfly that they call Happiness, the more it seems to go out of our reach. The more we try to bring reason to someone, to have Them try to grasp it, the more they plead ignorance. We are defeated either way, when we chase it for ourselves or for someone we love. The only way one might have hope for That elusive eternal smile, is to just bid our time and wait. Hoping that as the moments fly by everything in our life culminates into one moment of reason where everything makes sense. Every memory, incident, or worry that we carry deep within us, will have some logic to it when the big picture comes into view.

Happiness may be found in the Now. In the words exchanged with a loved one, in a smile that touches our heart, in a walk around the market, in a gift received with love, in a game played with laughter, in a delicate meal that enriches the palate, any one moment in which we smile or are at peace. Every moment we lived, thats a sweet memory now or will become a fond thought soon. Just a moment.

Yet many a times, we lose sight of the present in what we could have, need more of, or thought we deserved and didn't get. We dream of the lost time in which we could have become something else, something more, that we think would have make us happy forever. We brood over the lost, the gone, the failures, the tears, the anguish and forget about living today and making a tomorrow. Working on making something of what we have today so that we can worth something in our eyes, if no one else's. No one might appreciate us, no one might care, but we do know what we did, what we are, what we can be. Besides, I'm fairly sure that at any given time, there is always at least one person who touches your life, values your actions and the smile in your eyes. Isn't that cause enough to be happy in the thought that there are possibilities? That there is hope at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel?

There is a light that guides us through every path of light. A flicker, if you may, that tells us that we can make it through the darkest moment, with all the strength we can muster. Let that light, whatever or who ever that might be in this moment, be your reason to smile.
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On October 10, 2008 at 12:38 AM , dreamy said...

that is so true....either we are lamenting over the lost times or we are always thinking about the things we dont have and spend all our energy and time in trying to get that..but when we reach there we realize in our race to get something we at times loose something more important...

like they say
"The past is history, future is mystery; This moment is a gift which is why it is called the present" :)