Author: Adisha
•Friday, March 28, 2008

" The Only thing constant is life is Change. "

Evey second of our life brings about an chance to make a decision. To take that moment and make what you wish out of it. To turn your life around or to keep going the way you are. To smile, drop a tear or just blow it away in a whistle of worry. Mold it like clay into what we would like to see it. Seconds become days and days make the life we desire.

As days pass by and we look back, there might be some decisions we wish we had taken differently. But what's more important is to learn from them and make sure the next path we take is a better one that that.

Live life fully in the moment. Laugh, love, make the best of what you have and what you are at that time. Never regret that you didn't at least try to be the best version of you, you can become.

No matter what happens in days gone by, it's all a big part of what we are today. Good or bad, it might not be much but it's important. That's what led us to the roads that we are walking on today. The past is used in the past tense for one reason and one reason only. It's gone by. Holding onto it holds no value as long as you don't imbibe the lesson that comes with the smiles or tears gone by. More that what happened is important to know what part of us led to that moment and needed to be changed.

In each one of us there is a something special hidden deep within, just struggling to come to the surface and shine through. We just need to be able to be willing to keep trying. In any small way to attain the possibilities we dream for ourselves. It might not be easy to turn all our dreams into realities but if we try hard enough some may. Life keeps on changing. While we are unaware, our stories take turns we could never have imagined. But we can at least try to choose the ending we would like. Our own happy endings ...
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