Author: Adisha
•Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Yesterday was a day spent wallowing in a pool of despair of all the problems that touch my life. Once again, I felt the need to be of some use for the greater good. Of what, you might ask? To that I have no answer. I do believe that every event, every moment in our lives adds up to a Total somehow, which decides where we should put our next foot forward. Every decision, every thought we make leads us to a new destination. Of all the paths before us, the ones we choose are the ones that define our today and create a new tomorrow. Thus, the question arises, do I speak against fate or should we simply be more thoughtful with our actions so as to attain the life we think we deserve? Irrespective, the ways of the world say every action or reaction had a predefined method in which we should act and think. Any different and well, we just aren't acceptable. I contradict myself ? Yes, I believe I do. These are plain musings of one whose thoughts are far beyond her life and keep getting away from her. Yet, in my experience I've seen that what we believe right for us, isn't usually so. Sometimes, what we don't desire is exactly what brings us the elusive happiness and what we do desire gives us nothing but a sense of emptiness and despair...

But here again, I drift off, as I always do. I spent the day contemplating of how to make something of the days passing me by. With only a memory or two to remind me of what took place in the haze. Thus, I came up with this. Putting words onto this eternal void that envelopes the hopes and dreams of millions, in the hope that maybe it helps me define what it is I'm after Now.

Incidentally, I have noticed that I'm feeling much better today, having decided on an outlet to my energy, so to speak. This will do, for now. :) So that lesson for today is, want not what you dare not try for. Make any sense of that you may...
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On March 12, 2008 at 5:31 PM , Anonymous said...

It is a well written article. I always admire the way you put down your thoughts, even when you drift off :)

Regarding the predefined ways of reacting to situations, I would like to add that the "ways of the world" are defined by the number of people choosing to follow a particular way.

If you are the only one choosing to go a certain way where no one has walked before, you might be considered pioneer, odd ball, eccentric, weirdo and various other names, stronger or weaker depending on the situation. But when a enough people start following your way, "your way" might end up being one of the "predefined ways of the world" eventually. :)

An appropriate metaphor would be the grass trail. If enough humans / animals walk the same way on an unexplored grass land, a few seasons later a grass trail is formed. This grass trail will be followed by any newcomer wanting to cross the grass land safely, or the newcomer might choose to explore other ways to cross the grass land.

So it is your decision to be the first one, and face unknown consequences, good or bad, or try the well known-tested-predefined ways of the world, where you almost know the final outcome!!