Author: Adisha
•Wednesday, March 19, 2008
I was wondering today of how there is a story behind every person. Imagine if you could somehow see snatches of the colorful lives of people you come across. Often standing at a market or sitting in a restaurant I look at the people around me. I wonder who they are and how they came about to be in this place and what would come of their life. Whether in some way, having noticed them I may have affected some part of my own life. I've heard it many a times and it IS fun, to just make up a story for each person's life and come up with what they would say or do given any situation.

Each of us passes through a number of rainbows or puddles. Each of us leave an impression, however small on the people whose life we pass through. Sometimes, I hear a story about a person I've never even met and when I repeat it to someone else in fascination I wonder whatever might have happened to the person concerned. I know it might make me sound very gossipy but then who isn't ?! We all love a juicy tit bit now and then. Imagine a world where there was no human interaction, and we didn't have any stories to tell.

Even the mythology, legends of myths we all relish are sure to have Some basis in fact. I'd like to believe that. What is life without a little faith in magic or mystery? After all, it IS human nature to hear a story that May be based in facts and multiply it exponentially to the fascination level one would like to achieve when the time comes to repeat it. The multiplying is wrong, admittedly. Then again its to such diligent story tellers we may be in gratitude, for our history lessons. Once in while, when I'm arguing with someone over a myth or event from history, I must over the number of things that probably were Never mentioned or recorded or even destroyed in time. I wish a lot more people felt safe enough to maintain diaries so that we had accurate accounts of how life used to be concisely.

I guess it's this wishful thinking that disturbs me at the liberties people take with the truth or the number of fascinating stories we may be missing out on. Thankfully there are a number of fiction writers around, so that we can learn something about life from peoples' experiences assuming their stories have some basis in truth...
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On October 10, 2008 at 12:43 AM , dreamy said...

lolz..I do that too so many times...some person i see who fascinates me..i would just make up some story around their is very interesting :)