Author: Adisha
•Thursday, May 19, 2011
A woman has so many facets - daughter, friend, wife, daughter in law and most importantly mother. And we try to be all these things and more every single day. Juggling things like going shopping with phone calls and chores and making time for parents on web chats and taking care of our kids. All this while functioning on the bare amount of sleep a human can function on.

Everyone talks about the baby, it's needs and what's best for it. What is not discussed is if we are not careful, we can end up forgetting all about ourselves and become just a mother.

It is very easy to leave behind hobbies, friends and our basic selves to concentrate only on putting one step in front of the other as we count the milestones in our family. The miracle of motherhood with it's magic brings the danger of falling into a stupor brought on by routines.

Being a woman is not just a about that. Sometimes, it's okay to say no. It's okay to say I've had enough. It's okay to take time off from the scheduled minutes. Why is it that the moment we try to think about ourselves, it's associated with this tug at our hearts from guilt of saying no? It's important to find a way to be ourselves. To feed our souls with more than just the happiness that comes from the smiles of our loved ones.

Because once in a while when we look in the mirror, whether we admit it or not it's wonderful seeing a beautiful person  whose got a big smile on her own face for a reason other than just having been a great daughter, friend, wife or mother !

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