Author: Adisha
•Wednesday, March 30, 2011
I'm sure you all have noticed. The minute two or more people speaking the same language get together, you cannot get them to stop talking in their own lingo.

I used to HATE that.  It's one of the things that used to get on my nerves, specially since I'm fluent only in Hindi and English. Sour grapes I suppose. I couldn't understand why people wouldn't have the consideration for another who isn't of their language.

Lately, I find myself guilty of the same. Being a mother is like instantly gaining knowledge of a new language. A language known to all those who have kids. The minute more than one mother come together, all we seem to be able to discuss is babies. Babies, delivery, labor, pregnancy. We might be talking about Japan and it's disaster and it ends up to how many hours the baby sleeps each day.

Here I am not being able to keep my tongue from wagging on and on about motherhood, even though I know in my head and heart it's rude to the person whose not even pregnant yet. Recently, I had someone lament about it and from now on I'll TRY very hard to keep a check on it but I have to confess, I think I understand why people cannot stop conversing in a different language when they find a comrade. It's just something they cannot help. Sad, but true !!
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2 Spin Offs:

On April 18, 2011 at 2:39 PM , Baljinder Singh said...

The things that can't be altered...let it be like tat...tats where their charm lies....

On May 15, 2011 at 7:12 AM , Pathfinder said...

Truly vexing !
Undertsanding converstations in another langauge