Author: Adisha
•Wednesday, July 06, 2011
So IIT Delhi is going to giving out a course on etiquette. High time I say. Not just in India but all over the world, pleases and thankyous and all that's in between seems to be fazing out like the cat in Alice in Wonderland.

I'm all for informality but it's these little things that make any relationship, even with strangers worth living. For that is when the other person knows you are willing to take that little bit of extra effort to make them feel that they are valued and respected.

Whenever I notice people committing a transgression by not following proper etiquette, I feel like shaking some sense into them. It may not be a big deal for them but for me, it's like something as essential as breathing is being ignored. I'm often left wondering why or how it is that they can just miss them.

Some of these gems that I see fading and miss are -

Greeting someone at the door.
Acknowledging presents.
Responding to email/phone call/ facebook msgs.
Opening the door for people behind you.
Saying thank you when someone does so. 
Atleast offering to split the check.
Not making sounds when eating.
Not texting when someone is talking.
Talking softly on the phone.

to name a few.

Which of life's little social graces do you miss or love ?
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On July 7, 2011 at 11:23 AM , Raajii said...

manners are never out of fashion, and never should be :-)