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•Sunday, November 07, 2010
Festivals - something about them changes you. The warmth of the atmosphere envelopes you taking you for a flight that has you struck with awe and the irrepressable desire to make the day/s unique. To celebrate this one life that has been granted to us to live !!

Diwali is here!! These 5 days have me wanting a clean house, lights all around, delicious food, the company of wonderful peoplw n grandeur in everything I grace my senses with.

Last week we celebrated Halloween with the decorating of our house with the series light (in lieu of the festival season leading upto New Yrs) n distributing candy to the cute costume clad superheroes, toys, princesses, witches n angels.

Dhanteras found me enjoying a wonderful afternoon with friends n then spending the day at friends'. The gold buying ritual got exchanged for golden moments that I'll cherish.

Choti Diwali was spent recuperating as I do every two three days by lounging around home and in the evening had a nice dinner with Hubby getting him to try dishes that I had Very recently ( read : the day before ) discovered.

Diwali morning was spent sharing greetings with family. While this was happening I scampered around the house re arranging things so as to avoid the clutter and make it easier for hubby to do some much needed cleaning that I'm incapable of these days.  Evening found hubby taking photos and me lighting candles all around after a delicious meal.

New Year night, as I sat in my home that some how magically I've gotten to smell like my mom's home, waiting for the guests to bring in the new year I wish my family was here to enjoy the yummy chat n games I've put together.

End of the day has me reeling in pain and swelling with joy at the end of a successful Diwali Bash !! People enjoyed the Chat options I'd put together and I loved all the laughter and food that every one else had brought.

Today is Bhaidooj and as always I miss my brother and long for the day I can celebrate atleast one Rakhi or Bhaidooj with him without having miles of ocean between us.

Maybe as with all other celebrations, this one too will have to be celebrated in an Inventive and unorthodox manner. Maybe I'll get him to come on webcam and see his lovely smile !! :-)

A truly memorable Diwali !! Can't wait for next year when I'll have my own Family to rejoice with. God Willing !!
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On November 15, 2010 at 11:55 AM , akanksha said...

Great to know you had such a fun-filled diwali:)

May the happiness continue forvever!